Free-Flow Steelpan Meditations, Vol. 1 by Joseph Peck (physical album)


“Joseph Peck’s sensitive touch coupled with his ability to listen creates music from beyond time and space. The overtones stimulate energy flow, penetrate and resonate throughout every cell in the human body. They are deeply healing and bring listeners back into harmony and their most natural state of being. I use his exquisite music to take people into deep meditation and fluid movement because it’s so effective and magical.”

– Mariane Karou-founder of Dance Alive®, Inc.


Track Titles
1 – Slow Sunrise Flow  

2 – Rising Through the Mist
3 – Inner Resonance
4 – Conscious Gratitude
5 – Aura of Sunset

Research has shown that the steelpan instrument produces more overtones than any other instrument in the world. These meditations have the ability to activate the alpha-theta brainwaves which can have considerable health benefits.

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This product is the physical copy of Free-Flow Steelpan Meditations, Vol. 1 by Joseph Peck directly from artist.  Album usually ships within 48 hours.


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